Have your cock locked for October.   Say no more.   Anyone else doing it?  If so, what’s your experiences?

For Lady C, the Keymistress, it means she gets lots of pleasuring resulting in at least a daily orgasm.  For me it means she takes every opportunity to remind me of my small caged penis and teasing it so that she can see it straining against its metal prison.  The look on her face as she relishes in the power she has over me and that the next time i orgasm will have been granted by her and all my attention will be directed to her.



Locked for the Festive Season

I find myself caged and locked up for the festive season. Seemingly this ends on the the 12th night (6th Jan).

Mistress has decided that there will still be some festive treats, however she decided this morning that one of the punishment pins was required. It’s one of the shorter ones and not the nasty long crossed one. 

So far it’s quite beatable almost unnoticeable except when I get excited and try to get erect and then I feel it. By the feel I think it’s the short sharp one and not the blunt one.  

Just like the longer pins, this one has the effect of keeping my inside the cage better and therefore the whole cage sits closer to my body. Should be more visually appealing to the Key Mistress, but I’ll keep that one quiet in case she decided this will be a permanent feature.

How Can It Possibly Fit

Cage and CockThis is a photo with my Watchful Mistress with its really confining 50mm (2″) cage.   Behind it is a replica dildo we made of my cock.   When the Watchful Mistress was delivered, Mistress Keyholder expressed concern that I wouldn’t fit in such a small cage.

Well, guess what?  It does fit and now Mistress is happy in the knowledge that it will fit very snuggly with no chance of me escaping or falling out.

Here’s another photo, this time with the CB6000s – the WM is slightly smaller.

CB6000s and Cock

Meet and Lock

I’ve come up with an idea for those men who should travel in chastity but can’t because of the security screening and other annoyances.   Its not so much as a meet and greet service more of a meet and lock.Security Scan

Whether your Keyholder has a repricrocal arrangement with another Keyholder or there’s a network of approved Keyholder the concept is the same.   Your Keyholder unlocks your cage in these final minutes before She waves you goodbye and when you arrive at your destination the remote Keyholder is waiting to get your cage safety relocked.   Travelling home is simply the reverse.

MistressThere should be a locking / unlocking suite made available at all airports and major trainstations for this very purpose, just like the baby changing room or prayer rooms.  The airports or airlines could even supply the lock ladies too.   In a service orientated world then the first class traveller would obviously get the more luxurious and beautiful Locker who takes the upmost care to make sure that everything gets safety put in the cage with no nips or scratches from nails, whilst those in cabin class would get a more utilitarian service and subject to longer queues.

Of course the service need not be staffed by Keyholders, there’s probably no shortage of women out there with a grudge who would be more than happy in making sure the cage gets locked on nice and tight and probably even give a free kick in the balls too.

Hotels too could also provide a temporary unlocking service for the routine cleaning, just call 6 on the house phone and the chamber maid appears.   Hotels could also provide a further service when the lone travelling male misbehaves or fails to checkin with his Keyholder on a regular basis.   Just a quick phonecall or email to the hotel and the concierge arranges for a visit by the hotel Dominatrix equipped with her range of sturdy straps, tawses and cane.

Of course if we ever got to a totally Female Dominated Society then men would be permanently caged and some hi-tech embedded chip that assured total compliance.

Ah well, dream on, but I’m sure it woudn’t take too much to arrange the meet and greet service.

And then its locked up

Mistress Keyholder has a strange habit.   Once I’ve been locked in the device and released, she locks both the keys and the device in the key safe.

That means the device is either locked onto my body, or locked away in the keysafe.  It also means that I can’t accidently put it on if it was lying around and that’s its safe from prying eyes.


Unlocked and Free

Mistress Key holder has now unlocked me and now I’m free from the metal cage that had imprisoned me for over a week.

Not that I think that Mistress would have unlocked me except that I have to go away for another business trip and chastity cages are a no no in that particular environment.

I think She is enjoying this new arrangement and is seeing that there are a lot of benefits to keeping your man locked and denied.
I suspect that when I return the cage will be all ready for me and the Key Mistress will have me back under her control.

Getting The Point Across

One of the features of the Mature Metal devices is the ability to add punishment pins. Until now Key Mistress had only used the small blunt pin.

The small blunt pin was only in for a couple of hours and it was difficult to judge it’s full effect.

The other day She decided that in return for allowing me a couple of hours unlocked that I would have to endure the longer sharper crisscrossed pin.

Immediately I could feel the pin pressing against me. Nothing dramatic, just a dull pressure. That was short lived and the first time I got hard I got it’s full effect. Not agony but a sharp pain to my penis.

This has the follow on effect of making it give up and get back to shriveled again – not that the cage wasn’t going to put a stop to it anyway. The pin just got there a lot quicker.

Another noticible effect was that it held the cage higher up and it didn’t slide down away from my body as much. It also meant that there was less movement at the head.

Mistress Key holder originally stated that the pin would be for 24 hours but when that time was up she decided that I would endure it for longer.  She makes the rules, did I mention that?

Now because I moaned so much about this nasty pin she intends to use it a lot more.

That just leaves the small sharp one to try out but as I was a bit tender down there I was not going to suggest that.

Mistress continues to develop her teasing skills and has found a new way to torment me. On a serious note though, the long nasty pin is going to be something that is going to get Mistress’s point over.