What I Desire

I want to be controlled.   I need a strong dominant Mistress to keep me in my place.Its not 24×7 chastity that I want, its the loss of control.    I want my Mistress to decide when I can have an erection. My orgasms are at her whim and can be denied, spoiled or normal.   The tease and denial keeps me wanting more and when orgasm is granted it is so much more intense.

I discussed this with my Mistress and we agreed on a set of rules.   This blog is a diary of my time locked in a chastity device until a final release.

Over the next few weeks, I’ll discuss the contract and rules, introduce the Dicktators and tell you more about the Masturbatrix – the person who is going to taking charge of my penis and teasing / denying / pleasuring / tormenting as HER moods take her.

The next couple of posts are going to catch up on my current session of Dicktation and reveal the various thoughts and moods as I endure the plastic prison currently enveloping my penis.

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