The Rules

Rules are the basis of the arrangement.  They kickin once the chastity device is locked.

I’m not going to post the rules verbatim here – that would be boring.    Both I or my Masturbatrix can initiate a time of being locked up.   It doesn’t matter who does so the rules are the same.

The first two rules concern safety, cleaniless and hygiene.   Say no more except that anything that isn’t right then we stop.

The next rule, however, is a double edged sword.   I can request an early final release if I think things have went too far.   The understanding is that might never do this ever again if we can’t take it seriously.

We have two keys.   The primary key is the one that my Mistress should use in normal circumstances and should be with her at all time.  Either kept in her purse, bag or worn openly on a chain around her neck, ankle.   The secondary key is for emergencies.  To be kept in a place only known by my Mistress but available should I have to make that emergency call.

The Keyholder is allowed to be a bit naughty with the primary key.  She’s allowed to “forget” it and leave it at work, or even to mail it to herself, even give it to a friend for safe keeping.

There is a minimum time specified that the chastity device will be worn for.  We agreed on three days, mainly for the reason that after two days, frustration should be setting in and after three, desperation.   We also set a maximum duration which is set currently at three weeks.  We have allowed that the upper limit can be reviewed after each lockup period.

I am allowed to make any request that I want.  Keyholder will deny it.   I do not have any rights as far as erections, masturbation, intercourse or orgasms.    On the other hand, Keyholder is allowed to decide what she wants, when she wants and what she wants of me.  She has the gift to permit me to have an erection, masturbate, have intercourse and acheive orgasms.  She’s the Masturbatrix.

The Keyholder can permit temporary releases.  We decided that the maximum time of a temporary release should be no more than 4 hours.    A temporary release can be as short as the Keyholder decides which actually might be shorter than it takes to get an erection, but it doesn’t imply anything else.

Orgasms.   I’m allowed them.   They might be at the end of an extended tease and deny, they might be spoiled, but they could also be pleasureable.   We have some separate rules for them which I’ll blog about soon.

And that’s the rules.   We also wrote some expectations which kinda gives our understanding of how the rules should work.  I’ll also blog about them soon.

The Locked One

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