As part of the rules discussions I also added in what my expectations would be.
I created my expectations to give the Masturbatrix some idea of her scope whilst not stating exactly what I wish.
For example, one of my expectations is that the keyholder will tease and have fun at my expense. I also expect to have some orgasms and release but not when I want them. 
It would not be a good experience if I was locked up and let out a while later with nothing in between. That’s why I created my expectations. It’s a form of communications and makes for a good experience albeit frustrating.

One important one is that unless I take a timeout and discuss the lock up then the keyholder can assume that what she is doing is acceptable to me. This allows her to push the boundaries.

The keyholder has some expectations too.  They are not as detailed or as many as mine.  In short they are shut up and put up;  take what you get and don’t complain.

What more could I want?

I’ll talk more about my expectations in future posts when they are relevant. But for now I’m enjoying non chastity time.

2 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Roberto

    I see now that you had already written down some expectations. Is there an expectation from your lady to shut up about chastity when she doesn’t want to hear about it?



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