Yesterday Keyholder advised that on my return home I was to be locked up.   OK, didn’t see that one coming, but it’ll be interesting to see how this lock up turns out.A few months ago Keyholder and myself got together and decided on some quick and easy rules for being locked up.   I was already locked when we agreed the rules so when that ran its time, I haven’t be locked up since….

Until now that is.   When I got home last night, Keyholder reminded me not to forget that I had something to put on.  The CB6000s is now fixed and Keyholder has control.    Will it be different this time?

Within a few hours she had a look on her face.  The one that says smug and content all at the same time.   Is she on a power trip?   I think so, actually I hope so, as that is why we do this thing.   It completely changes the dynamic of the relationship.   I have to bite my tongue and not say and do everything I would normally.  Keyholder gets a lot more attention than she normally would.    Its amazing how a couple of inches of plastic can change you into a more caring and feeling person.

I’m not going to say to much about any expectations just yet, I want to see what Keyholder intends without prompting.   After a few hours passed last night she mentioned that I’m not getting to touch my cock, its not going to get erect or touching and there certainly won’t be any orgasms until she decides I can do so.

And just a sign of her new found power she asked where I had got to with the sizing for the next device.

For the record, time of locking was approx 2100 on 1st Sep 2014.

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