Day 3

Its now nearly 72 hours since my Keyholder locked me in the Dicktator.    Since then there’s been a little bit of teasing, I’d prefer quite a bit more but I did agree to put up with whatever the Masturbatrix decided upon.

While there has been not a lot happening in teasing, by contrast she has been exerting her authority by responding that she’ll add another five days if I carry on or that you’ll never be getting out of there for any fun.

Talking of which, upto this point there has been absolutely no temporary releases, no hints of releases, no hint of when the final release will be and absolutely no orgasming good or otherwise.   I’m thinking she’s softening me up first – well I’m definately not hard!!!!

Day 1 was a bit of getting used to adjusting bits and clothing and having to sit to pee.

Day 2 was starting to feel that resistance that is there every time my penis tries to get hard with the frustration that goes with it.   The Masturbatrix and I were lying on the settee watching, one of us from each end on our sides with me behind.   That allows the Maturbatrix to bring up her knee and push her feet into my groin.  She feels me push back and smiles.   But she didn’t do it for too long.

Day 3 is more of that and like someone whose legs have been squashed I want to just “stretch”.  As the Keyholder wasn’t starting work early today there was an opportunity for me to do some quick worshipping and to bring her to orgasm with my fingers and a vibrator.  That put a smile on her face.

And now I await the return of the Masturbatrix / Keyholder and see what is in store for us tonight.


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