Four And A Half Days

By my reckoning (and its acurate) its been four and a half days since the Keyholder locked me in the CB600s.     Up to last night, there’s not been much in the way of teasing and absolutely no releases.

In general, I would prefer the Maturbatrix teases a bit more, excercises her control a bit more, and has more demands on me.    Am I making her something that she isn’t?   Have she just been tired?

As I mentioned above, last night we spoke a little whilst the Keyholder had her foot firmly on the top of my Dicktator.    “Errrr, I’m locked here darling”.   “Yes I know and you’ll remain locked until its the correct time”.    “You also appear to have your foot on my device”.  “Yes, what does that say to you”.   “It means your stamping your authority over my cock”.   “It does”.

So, I’m to be locked until its the correct time, or did she say the proper time?   Either way, its until some time that she has chosen or waiting for some event.    I don’t know what or when that would be, or even if she means a temporary or final release.    That was all she would reveal about it and as the television was on conversation between us was more or less stopped.    I hate televisions.   They are so obtrusive in you life once they’re switched on, life almost freezes until the next set of adverts.    Nothing else happens and the house and chores get neglected and they kill conversation dead, especially the intimate conversations I like to have with my Masturbatrix.

With her foot planted firmly against my locked up cock I always feel like thrusting.  She can feel it too and asks what do you get out of that?   Your not going to get hard or cum are you?   But for me its a natural reaction to try and make my cock erect and trusting feels like it might work.   She knows this.   “Is it really frustrating for you?”.     A couple of months ago before our affirmation of our rules she probably would have relented and after a few hours or at bed or the following morning would have released me and very likely I would have a satisfying orgasm.   But not now, she it taking the role of Masturbatrix very seriously and denying me.



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