Monthly Archives: November 2014

Catching Up

Life continues to be hectic and getting time to post is not always easy.     Last post indicates that I had been locked up for 4 1/2 days.   I was released later that same day and have now been locked and released a further three times since all in the CB6000S with the larger base ring.   I’m currently locked again, so I need to be careful about what I say here or it might end up longer than I would like.

During these last lock times I’ve been quite disappointed that the key mistress has not teased, dominated or otherwise taken advantage of situation.   What I was looking for here was things from a reminder about wearing the device to holding and touching, pretending to wank or lick.   I wanna hear things like “I hope Dicktator is doing its job”, or getting a txt message to ask how much I crave an erection, or being whispered in the ear whilst out to remember that I control your cock.

The key is an other area, I did want the Key Holder to wear it more either around her ankle, on her charm bracelet or around her neck.    I know when it is going to be unlock time as she will have her purse with her and that means it is inevitable that when the key comes out I’ll be unlocked.   I don’t think she realises the power she has at that moment and could have me jumping through hoops as she holds it back from me, even threatening to put it away again.    There should even be questions asked about what I expect after I get out – she can put conditions on that too.

Sometime, I want her to wear the key openly around her neck and if asked she should reply exactly what it is for.   It might be that she is idly playing with it in her hand and someone notices and she tells them she’s the key holder.    I’ve got conditions on this – its not going to be with anyone we know or in the local vicinity.

For now I still locked, and I initiated that, and until such times as the Key Mistress is satisfied then I wish for more teasing and ultimately upon unlock getting permission from the Masturbatrix to have that satisfying first orgasm.


On Parade

Well actually I’m locked.  How can my little soldier stand to attention on Rememberance Sunday when its locked away in its own little POW (Permit 0 Wanks) camp?   I’m thinking this should be every mans duty to stand tall and proud instead of forced to point downwards.