Dicktator Of The Day

As the holidays continue.   Today’s Daily Dicktator is Birdlocked Neo.

Being locked on a daily basis is interesting.   All through the day I’m locked.   The Dicktator prevents any play or erections.  I’m released in the evening after the next day’s Dicktator is chosen.   Once released my key holder is around to maintain the control.

Either way it is frustrating and the Masturbatrix is keeping me on edge and horny until the end of the week when we both have a day off together.

Yesterday’s Dicktator was the CB6000S but with a difference.   There was a plug put towards the end making the tube’s overall size smaller.   My CB6000S is just a bit too long, but with the obstruction inside it means that the earliest hint of getting erect is stifled.   Its the equivalent of wanting to stretch your legs or arms but can’t – mmmm, delicous.   That’s the bit I want from chastity devices – that total loss of control.  Somebody has decided you can’t get an erection.

The choice of Dicktator is via a games spinner.  We have a couple of these pinned on white board material making for flexible and random games.    This time the face is split evenly into four: Birdlocked Neo; CB6000S; CB6000S + plug; just keep wearing that one.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

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