Monthly Archives: May 2015

My Personal Best

At the weekend, I beat my personal best. OK, I didn’t do it all on my own, I’ve have a bit of encouragement from the Key Mistress.

Previous best was 9.3 days. The Key Mistress said that she doesn’t think I’m ready to get out yet, infact it’s going to be a while.

Here’s my progess:
Chastity Tickers Ticker

Since Tuesday

Tuesday has been and gone and I’m still locked.  My CB6000 small with the custom ring is comfortable and is not giving me any pain or sleepless nights.   Key Mistress is performing well at denying any requests for releases as well as teasing me about the size of my caged penis.

This is now the third longest I’ve ever been Dicktated for at 6.4 days.  The next longest was 8.9 days during July last year with the longest as 9.3 days during December 2013.

Thinking back to July I was a bit disappointed when I was release because I was so close to breaking the record and had I been released in the evening after work and not in the morning would have managed to break the record.

I’m kind of feeling the same way just now and Saturday at 1800 would be the time when I achieve 9.4 days.

One of the things about having a Dicktator on is that it takes a few days for things to happen.  For example on the first day after an orgasm things are almost OK, on day 2, there’s frustration, day 3 desparation etc.   So experience what its like to have a spoiled orgasm after a week of locking and then be relocked to await the next all takes a more than 9.3 or even 9.4 days.   In fact, a lot more.

I’m in a strange mood in that I don’t want released yet and even feeling like I want to give Key Mistress complete control and make this a lifestyle thing.   Ok, maybe that’s a bit rash, maybe just until the end of the month.

But what’s best? Knowing that there’s an end date albeit a long time away and pacing yourself towards it or just not knowing if tomorrow is the day when you are going to freed?

Time for a consult with Key Mistress.

Until Tuesday

I’m locked up for now.  I suggested to Key Mistress an end date of Tuesday.  It’s written on the white board in the kitchen and under the rules I proposed it is non-negotiable.

What I meant was that I couldn’t negotiate, and writing it on the whiteboard where Key Mistress can so easily change her mind?

What would you do if you had the key?