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You may have seen on my other blog, DisciplinedBoyfriend, that we’ve changed things around a bit and embarked on a full Female Led Relationship.   The coincided with the arrival of the new chastity device, The Watchful Mistress.

So today we’re going to celebrate our new FLR lifestyle, champagne, beer, wine, thigh length boots, basques, riding crops, paddles, canes.   I am locked very securely in the Watchful Mistress and the Key Mistress will be getting lots of attention from my mouth and tongue.

Being locked in chastity is probably the biggest statement we can make about FLR, this states that I’m committed and accept that My Mistress is the head of the household and there’s not a lot I could do about it.  The Watchful Mistress is not a cheap sex toy (not that the CB6000 or Birdlocked Neo were cheap), but it’s stainless steel so no chance of it breaking or splitting.  There’s no plastic pin that can be snipped off or padlock that could be easily cut allowing me to escape – this one has a high security screw and getting it off would almost be impossible and I certainly don’t want power tools or burning torches down there.   In short, I have a very locked cock.

Whatever happens, Lady Key Mistress will have a smile on her face most of the day and depending on how many times and how good I am will decide on my fate.



One thing I want when I get locked is security.  To elaborate, the Key Mistress does have a tendency to leave her keys out, or worse, forget where she put them. Add to that the myriads of padlocks we have and it gets very confusing.
For me, one half of security is knowing that the keys are outwith my reach and I cannot escape without her.  The other half is knowing should I require to be released on medical, logistical or any other reason we have agreed then the facilities will be there in a timely manner.
We have entered a new phase of our sub/dom relationship and are trying for a completely Female Led Relationship (FLR) so I’m trying not to interfere too much with her rules and decisions.  Let’s call it being better organised.
There’s the two high security locking pins for the Watchful Mistress.  One should be in that safe place known only to Mistress Key Holder and the other in her purse, pocket, around her neck, wrist, ankle or wherever she desires it to be.
There also needs to be a padlock, left open, with the keys safely as described above so any remote commands to get locked can be fully complied with.

Cruel Or Kind

Having been locked in chastity recently I found myself thinking is this fun or cruel?    My thoughts are that if there’s some fun at the end of it then its basically extended foreplay, but that needs the keyholder to provide the tease, and to mess with the locked one’s mind.   Otherwise with no attention, no goal or reward at the end, its solitary confinement and whilst it’ll still set off power emotions in the mind, its mostly punishment.

I do know that once that device is locked on me I act differently.  Apart from feeling controlled there’s the drive to please your keyholder and hope that the efforts you’ve made will be rewarded.