Monthly Archives: July 2016

Unlocked and Free

Mistress Key holder has now unlocked me and now I’m free from the metal cage that had imprisoned me for over a week.

Not that I think that Mistress would have unlocked me except that I have to go away for another business trip and chastity cages are a no no in that particular environment.

I think She is enjoying this new arrangement and is seeing that there are a lot of benefits to keeping your man locked and denied.
I suspect that when I return the cage will be all ready for me and the Key Mistress will have me back under her control.

Getting The Point Across

One of the features of the Mature Metal devices is the ability to add punishment pins. Until now Key Mistress had only used the small blunt pin.

The small blunt pin was only in for a couple of hours and it was difficult to judge it’s full effect.

The other day She decided that in return for allowing me a couple of hours unlocked that I would have to endure the longer sharper crisscrossed pin.

Immediately I could feel the pin pressing against me. Nothing dramatic, just a dull pressure. That was short lived and the first time I got hard I got it’s full effect. Not agony but a sharp pain to my penis.

This has the follow on effect of making it give up and get back to shriveled again – not that the cage wasn’t going to put a stop to it anyway. The pin just got there a lot quicker.

Another noticible effect was that it held the cage higher up and it didn’t slide down away from my body as much. It also meant that there was less movement at the head.

Mistress Key holder originally stated that the pin would be for 24 hours but when that time was up she decided that I would endure it for longer.  She makes the rules, did I mention that?

Now because I moaned so much about this nasty pin she intends to use it a lot more.

That just leaves the small sharp one to try out but as I was a bit tender down there I was not going to suggest that.

Mistress continues to develop her teasing skills and has found a new way to torment me. On a serious note though, the long nasty pin is going to be something that is going to get Mistress’s point over.

Locked Again

The Key Mistress has had me locked for just over a week now. However things are a bit different this time. It’s the first locking since we started our Female Led Relationship.

The rules are quite easy to remember and are well documented. Basically She makes the rules and I obey or else.

Do I get to orgasm?  Yes, but it’s completely Her decision as to if and when. Sometimes I can annoy and that’ll mean no. Sometimes She will have already decided that it’s going to happen before I get home. But there’s always a price to pay, sometimes it’s a spanking, sometimes some CBT. Either way I orgasm in the way that She wants.

I’m trying very hard not to “top from the bottom” and not make things happen the way I want. Part of the fun is that I can expect the unexpected.

It would be good to provide her with feedback about her performance but I am resisting the temptation to do that unless She specifically asks me.