Monthly Archives: April 2018

A Safe Word

We very rarely use a safe word in our female led relationship, however we used one recently during an edging session.

“A safe word”,  I hear you ask, “for edging?”

The safe word was to be used if I was going to orgasm.  Therefore means that the spunk would remain safely inside of my body.   We’ve used many different words or phrases for this, including “Your My Goddess”, “Stop”, “Smack my balls”, “Hobbit”, “Deny me” and “Banana”.

Perhaps, next time she takes me to the edge and I use the safe word she’ll go all the way.  I can dream 😉

Control from 2800 Miles

I travel quite a bit and we almost every night we end up sexting each other.   This usually ends up with the inevitable – an erection.  “Isn’t is nice to know that you can make my cock erect from all that distance?”.    “Yes”, she replies, “and I can make sure it doesn’t happen when your home, can’t I?”.     “Yes darling I know you can”.     And she does, she is the keyholder, masturbatrix and Mistress.