Monthly Archives: May 2018


As I mentioned last time our FLR/FLM is back up and running.  Lady C, the Key Mistress has taken charge of almost everthing and a spanked ass is never far away, so if was inevitable that I would be getting caged again.

So after showering on Friday night before going out the cage was out and She fitted it to me. “You’ll get out once you learn to respect Me”, she says.

That’s the FLR part of things – She will decide everything, punishing when necessary, and expects total respect in all aspects.  “You have been quite disrespectful of Me recently”.

FLR Relaunched

Our Female Led Relationship has been relaunched.  After a bit of a quiet patch, Mistress Keyholder, has decided that She is back and with determination.  “You will do as you are told, otherwise you will spend a lot of time in that cage, maybe never get out”

We don’t have any sort of chastity contract like many.   It seemed a bit like “topping from the bottom” too much.  Instead we have a one liner which is “Lady C shall decide”.    I have expectations of Her which She is aware of, but the bottom line is She owns my cock and balls and decides on its fate – locked / unlocked, orgasm / no orgasm / spoiled.

So that’s that, Expect to be locked a lot more.