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I'm the Other Of the House (OOH) in a domestic discipline relationship. Feel free to leave a message about the DD lifestyle.


As I mentioned last time our FLR/FLM is back up and running.  Lady C, the Key Mistress has taken charge of almost everthing and a spanked ass is never far away, so if was inevitable that I would be getting caged again.

So after showering on Friday night before going out the cage was out and She fitted it to me. “You’ll get out once you learn to respect Me”, she says.

That’s the FLR part of things – She will decide everything, punishing when necessary, and expects total respect in all aspects.  “You have been quite disrespectful of Me recently”.

FLR Relaunched

Our Female Led Relationship has been relaunched.  After a bit of a quiet patch, Mistress Keyholder, has decided that She is back and with determination.  “You will do as you are told, otherwise you will spend a lot of time in that cage, maybe never get out”

We don’t have any sort of chastity contract like many.   It seemed a bit like “topping from the bottom” too much.  Instead we have a one liner which is “Lady C shall decide”.    I have expectations of Her which She is aware of, but the bottom line is She owns my cock and balls and decides on its fate – locked / unlocked, orgasm / no orgasm / spoiled.

So that’s that, Expect to be locked a lot more.

A Safe Word

We very rarely use a safe word in our female led relationship, however we used one recently during an edging session.

“A safe word”,  I hear you ask, “for edging?”

The safe word was to be used if I was going to orgasm.  Therefore means that the spunk would remain safely inside of my body.   We’ve used many different words or phrases for this, including “Your My Goddess”, “Stop”, “Smack my balls”, “Hobbit”, “Deny me” and “Banana”.

Perhaps, next time she takes me to the edge and I use the safe word she’ll go all the way.  I can dream 😉

Control from 2800 Miles

I travel quite a bit and we almost every night we end up sexting each other.   This usually ends up with the inevitable – an erection.  “Isn’t is nice to know that you can make my cock erect from all that distance?”.    “Yes”, she replies, “and I can make sure it doesn’t happen when your home, can’t I?”.     “Yes darling I know you can”.     And she does, she is the keyholder, masturbatrix and Mistress.

One Ring to Rule Them All

The KeyMistress wanted to cage me.   “Where is it?” She demanded.

“Where’s what?”

” Your cage, what did you think?”

When its not being worn it sometimes stays in my bedside table, sometimes in Hers, and sometimes also in the safe.    “Its downstairs”, I said.   “Go get, its going on”.

So downstairs I went and retrieved it from where it had been for the last few weeks.  I put it on and Lady C went about making sure it was secured.   Where was it she asks?    It was on the bookcase, behind Tolkein.   “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them“.

OK, I know its more than just a cock ring.  It has a cage as well, but it definitely rules me and keeps me under control.   Mistress thought it was funny.


Have your cock locked for October.   Say no more.   Anyone else doing it?  If so, what’s your experiences?

For Lady C, the Keymistress, it means she gets lots of pleasuring resulting in at least a daily orgasm.  For me it means she takes every opportunity to remind me of my small caged penis and teasing it so that she can see it straining against its metal prison.  The look on her face as she relishes in the power she has over me and that the next time i orgasm will have been granted by her and all my attention will be directed to her.