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Locked for the Festive Season

I find myself caged and locked up for the festive season. Seemingly this ends on the the 12th night (6th Jan).

Mistress has decided that there will still be some festive treats, however she decided this morning that one of the punishment pins was required. It’s one of the shorter ones and not the nasty long crossed one. 

So far it’s quite beatable almost unnoticeable except when I get excited and try to get erect and then I feel it. By the feel I think it’s the short sharp one and not the blunt one.  

Just like the longer pins, this one has the effect of keeping my inside the cage better and therefore the whole cage sits closer to my body. Should be more visually appealing to the Key Mistress, but I’ll keep that one quiet in case she decided this will be a permanent feature.

How Can It Possibly Fit

Cage and CockThis is a photo with my Watchful Mistress with its really confining 50mm (2″) cage.   Behind it is a replica dildo we made of my cock.   When the Watchful Mistress was delivered, Mistress Keyholder expressed concern that I wouldn’t fit in such a small cage.

Well, guess what?  It does fit and now Mistress is happy in the knowledge that it will fit very snuggly with no chance of me escaping or falling out.

Here’s another photo, this time with the CB6000s – the WM is slightly smaller.

CB6000s and Cock

And then its locked up

Mistress Keyholder has a strange habit.   Once I’ve been locked in the device and released, she locks both the keys and the device in the key safe.

That means the device is either locked onto my body, or locked away in the keysafe.  It also means that I can’t accidently put it on if it was lying around and that’s its safe from prying eyes.


Cruel Or Kind

Having been locked in chastity recently I found myself thinking is this fun or cruel?    My thoughts are that if there’s some fun at the end of it then its basically extended foreplay, but that needs the keyholder to provide the tease, and to mess with the locked one’s mind.   Otherwise with no attention, no goal or reward at the end, its solitary confinement and whilst it’ll still set off power emotions in the mind, its mostly punishment.

I do know that once that device is locked on me I act differently.  Apart from feeling controlled there’s the drive to please your keyholder and hope that the efforts you’ve made will be rewarded.

Numbing Cream

We have a desensitizing spray called Stud 100.  It primary purpose is for premature ejaculation and does so by numbing the penis. It also does it rather effectively and it’s a really strange sensation having little or no feeling down there. The best I can describe it as is how your mouth feels when the dentist gives you an injection.

For its intended use a small amount is sprayed, just enough to prolong sex and keep you partner happy for longer. Too much and you lose all feeling and can even , according to the product literature, cause your erection to subside and make you lose the urge.

So what could a devious Key Mistress do with a good dosage that’s guaranteed to numb? Control your erections, allow masturbation even intercourse happy in the knowledge that there will be no orgasm.  And that is definitely orgasm control and denial.