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Spanking Pants

We’ve recently acquired some spanking pants.  They are very comfortable and accomodate the wearing of a Dicktator, much better than boxers.    An interesting feature is that without the chastity device they not only provide a flattering bulge, but restrict any erection.   Just what I want 🙂

Watchful Mistress

I’m saving up money to get the Watchful Mistress from Mature Metal. Times are hard (and so am I right now ;-)) and its taking a while to get the cash together.

I reckon I should have enough by the end of September and then get it ordered. Just wondering what options to get. Should I get the punishment pins, anti-pullout pins or leave that for the Key Mistress to decide? One thing that I do want is the integrated security lock so that there’s no nasty padlock banging about down there.

The photo shows exactly how its meant to operate. Pop yourself in, tighten up the lock and look – no erection. I don’t have the source for this photo. If you know where its from I’ll be happy to provide credit for it.

Since Tuesday

Tuesday has been and gone and I’m still locked.  My CB6000 small with the custom ring is comfortable and is not giving me any pain or sleepless nights.   Key Mistress is performing well at denying any requests for releases as well as teasing me about the size of my caged penis.

This is now the third longest I’ve ever been Dicktated for at 6.4 days.  The next longest was 8.9 days during July last year with the longest as 9.3 days during December 2013.

Thinking back to July I was a bit disappointed when I was release because I was so close to breaking the record and had I been released in the evening after work and not in the morning would have managed to break the record.

I’m kind of feeling the same way just now and Saturday at 1800 would be the time when I achieve 9.4 days.

One of the things about having a Dicktator on is that it takes a few days for things to happen.  For example on the first day after an orgasm things are almost OK, on day 2, there’s frustration, day 3 desparation etc.   So experience what its like to have a spoiled orgasm after a week of locking and then be relocked to await the next all takes a more than 9.3 or even 9.4 days.   In fact, a lot more.

I’m in a strange mood in that I don’t want released yet and even feeling like I want to give Key Mistress complete control and make this a lifestyle thing.   Ok, maybe that’s a bit rash, maybe just until the end of the month.

But what’s best? Knowing that there’s an end date albeit a long time away and pacing yourself towards it or just not knowing if tomorrow is the day when you are going to freed?

Time for a consult with Key Mistress.

Until Tuesday

I’m locked up for now.  I suggested to Key Mistress an end date of Tuesday.  It’s written on the white board in the kitchen and under the rules I proposed it is non-negotiable.

What I meant was that I couldn’t negotiate, and writing it on the whiteboard where Key Mistress can so easily change her mind?

What would you do if you had the key?


Dicktator Of The Day

As the holidays continue.   Today’s Daily Dicktator is Birdlocked Neo.

Being locked on a daily basis is interesting.   All through the day I’m locked.   The Dicktator prevents any play or erections.  I’m released in the evening after the next day’s Dicktator is chosen.   Once released my key holder is around to maintain the control.

Either way it is frustrating and the Masturbatrix is keeping me on edge and horny until the end of the week when we both have a day off together.

Yesterday’s Dicktator was the CB6000S but with a difference.   There was a plug put towards the end making the tube’s overall size smaller.   My CB6000S is just a bit too long, but with the obstruction inside it means that the earliest hint of getting erect is stifled.   Its the equivalent of wanting to stretch your legs or arms but can’t – mmmm, delicous.   That’s the bit I want from chastity devices – that total loss of control.  Somebody has decided you can’t get an erection.

The choice of Dicktator is via a games spinner.  We have a couple of these pinned on white board material making for flexible and random games.    This time the face is split evenly into four: Birdlocked Neo; CB6000S; CB6000S + plug; just keep wearing that one.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

Catching Up

Life continues to be hectic and getting time to post is not always easy.     Last post indicates that I had been locked up for 4 1/2 days.   I was released later that same day and have now been locked and released a further three times since all in the CB6000S with the larger base ring.   I’m currently locked again, so I need to be careful about what I say here or it might end up longer than I would like.

During these last lock times I’ve been quite disappointed that the key mistress has not teased, dominated or otherwise taken advantage of situation.   What I was looking for here was things from a reminder about wearing the device to holding and touching, pretending to wank or lick.   I wanna hear things like “I hope Dicktator is doing its job”, or getting a txt message to ask how much I crave an erection, or being whispered in the ear whilst out to remember that I control your cock.

The key is an other area, I did want the Key Holder to wear it more either around her ankle, on her charm bracelet or around her neck.    I know when it is going to be unlock time as she will have her purse with her and that means it is inevitable that when the key comes out I’ll be unlocked.   I don’t think she realises the power she has at that moment and could have me jumping through hoops as she holds it back from me, even threatening to put it away again.    There should even be questions asked about what I expect after I get out – she can put conditions on that too.

Sometime, I want her to wear the key openly around her neck and if asked she should reply exactly what it is for.   It might be that she is idly playing with it in her hand and someone notices and she tells them she’s the key holder.    I’ve got conditions on this – its not going to be with anyone we know or in the local vicinity.

For now I still locked, and I initiated that, and until such times as the Key Mistress is satisfied then I wish for more teasing and ultimately upon unlock getting permission from the Masturbatrix to have that satisfying first orgasm.