My Devices


This was the first proper chastity device I got.   The effect of putting it on for the first time and handing over the keys was mind blowing.



Birdlocked Neo

Birdlocked Neo

Birdlocked Neo

This was the first device that my Mistress was able to fit by herself.

CB6000 Small



The latest addition to the collection.   Once I realised that the standard CB6000 was too long and tried this the feeling was so much better.

Watchful Mistresss

The CB6000 Small was always a trial in getting the size of the rings and cage correct.  The next device I got was the Watchful Mistress with the same sizes.

Watchful Mistress

Here it is with the punishment pins shown and the security screws and keys.   I though that they may be a simple security torx screw but they aren’t.  It is definitely a non-standard screw

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