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One Ring to Rule Them All

The KeyMistress wanted to cage me.   “Where is it?” She demanded.

“Where’s what?”

” Your cage, what did you think?”

When its not being worn it sometimes stays in my bedside table, sometimes in Hers, and sometimes also in the safe.    “Its downstairs”, I said.   “Go get, its going on”.

So downstairs I went and retrieved it from where it had been for the last few weeks.  I put it on and Lady C went about making sure it was secured.   Where was it she asks?    It was on the bookcase, behind Tolkein.   “One ring to rule them all, one ring to find them, One ring to bring them all and in the darkness bind them“.

OK, I know its more than just a cock ring.  It has a cage as well, but it definitely rules me and keeps me under control.   Mistress thought it was funny.

Keyholding Jewelry

For a while I’ve wanted the Keymistress to openly wear the key whilst in public. This she rarely does even in private. However this has now changed due to some jewelry that I have acquired for her.

Secret Key

Secret Key

Its a small tube that unscrews to reveal a cutdown key soldered to the tube. Keymistress has worn it our already, and it didn’t get any attention at all. There is a part on it that slides to and fro and turns. It was amusing to watch her play with it most of the night – it was as if she was masturbating it. There’s two words written on the tube “only love”.

Only Love

Only Love

The package arrived with the following inside: a nice velvet pouch; one standard Master padlock with key and the pendant on a simple chain. The chain isn’t a brilliant quality and the Keymistress will shortly be organising something more becoming Lady C.

Padlock and key

Padlock and key

The padlock is already is use and I find myself once again locked up at the Keymistress’s whim.

Yours in chastity,

Until Tuesday

I’m locked up for now.  I suggested to Key Mistress an end date of Tuesday.  It’s written on the white board in the kitchen and under the rules I proposed it is non-negotiable.

What I meant was that I couldn’t negotiate, and writing it on the whiteboard where Key Mistress can so easily change her mind?

What would you do if you had the key?


CB6000 v Birdlocked

Yesterday I discussed the wearing of a chastity device whilst having days off without the keyholder present.

She agreed that being locked was acceptable and her choice was to be the Birdlocked Neo.   Once she got home she wasn’t too keen about unlocking me and teased a bit.    “But my beloved Masturbatrix, you are now around to stop any such behaviour and my balls will remain as full or empty as you want them to be”, or words to that effect.

Eventually she agreed with my point of view, but before getting the key and unlocking she chose (using a random spinner) that todays Dicktator would be the CB6000 with the added torment that there would be an insert at the end effectively making the overall tube length shorter.

So today with the CB6000 secured and the end of my penis pushing unsucessfully against the end I feel I need to share my views on the qualities of each device when they are so fresh in my mind.

First thing noticed with the Birdlocked was the frantic pulling of skin through the hole – a bit of lube here helps but now your hands are all slippy and greasy – yuck.   Once I penis and balls were all through I was aware how it felt again.  Its not that’s its too tight – its stretchy silicone and it does stretch.   The problem is that it does have a tendency to cause the skin to double over and over time that does start to irritate.   The CB6000, by contrast has a hard plexiglass ring.   Choose too small a ring and the same thing will happen.  I’ve now settled on larger ring that wasn’t part of the set.  So on base ring comfort the CB6000 wins.

The CB6000 is rigid and will get in your way, especially with tighter trousers or jeans or when lying on your stomach in bed.   The Birdlocked is very flexible and whilst the strap between your balls tends to make them splay out sideways the overall package finds the best way to nestle.    So for comfort beneath tight clothes, the Birdlocked wins.   With no clothes on then its a draw and with baggy trousers there would not be much in it.

One the things I most want from any chastity device is its ability to suppress an erection.    I don’t quite get the total suppressment that I crave and that’s probably a problem with the male anatomy and not the device.   Each of these devices goes about this in a subtely different way, the CB6000 uses the rigid tube to push down on the penis shaft whilst the Birdlocked pulls the tube down.   If there was an option on the Birdlocked to tighten the pull then it might win.  The CB6000 has a number of different tubes available for it and the standard tube at 3 1/4″ I found that it allowed my erection to develop too much and it got really painful, whereas the small tube at 2 1/2″ stops it all happening a bit sooner.   It took me a long time to find this out and had to swallow a lot of pride in selecting a smaller tube.

My customised CB6000 with a larger 2 1/8″ ring and the small tube definately is more effective at stopping an erection than the Birdlocked.    Both can allow a bit of any erection where most of it is contained outside of the device and/or internal to the body but that’s the extreme cases where someone is definately trying to excite and tease.  Its also easier to happen when lying down as the whole package does not have the effect of gravity pulling the erection down but can now assist.     In most cases however, both to a certain extent will cause any stirring in the trouser department to quickly give up on the effect and subside.   The CB6000 definately wins this category.

Not so important for me is orgasm prevention.   The keyholder has sucessfully managed to stimulate me in both of devices with a vibrator so that I ejaculated.   It wasn’t very satisfying and its not the kind of thing that I would consider doing to myself, both will however prevent intercourse or stroking.

Overall winner for me is the CB6000.   For longer term wear once a proper fit has been found it is by far more comfortable.   The important part here is finding the proper fit – down sizing for me worked.

So why do we keep the Birdlocked?    Guess its like everything else, we have favourite clothes but we still have and wear occasionally the ones thats not.  Variety is the spice of life.    And in my case the submissive in me wants to be controlled and if my Masturbatrix wants to control my cock in something that’s not my favourite then that does a lot inside my head.

Catching Up

Life continues to be hectic and getting time to post is not always easy.     Last post indicates that I had been locked up for 4 1/2 days.   I was released later that same day and have now been locked and released a further three times since all in the CB6000S with the larger base ring.   I’m currently locked again, so I need to be careful about what I say here or it might end up longer than I would like.

During these last lock times I’ve been quite disappointed that the key mistress has not teased, dominated or otherwise taken advantage of situation.   What I was looking for here was things from a reminder about wearing the device to holding and touching, pretending to wank or lick.   I wanna hear things like “I hope Dicktator is doing its job”, or getting a txt message to ask how much I crave an erection, or being whispered in the ear whilst out to remember that I control your cock.

The key is an other area, I did want the Key Holder to wear it more either around her ankle, on her charm bracelet or around her neck.    I know when it is going to be unlock time as she will have her purse with her and that means it is inevitable that when the key comes out I’ll be unlocked.   I don’t think she realises the power she has at that moment and could have me jumping through hoops as she holds it back from me, even threatening to put it away again.    There should even be questions asked about what I expect after I get out – she can put conditions on that too.

Sometime, I want her to wear the key openly around her neck and if asked she should reply exactly what it is for.   It might be that she is idly playing with it in her hand and someone notices and she tells them she’s the key holder.    I’ve got conditions on this – its not going to be with anyone we know or in the local vicinity.

For now I still locked, and I initiated that, and until such times as the Key Mistress is satisfied then I wish for more teasing and ultimately upon unlock getting permission from the Masturbatrix to have that satisfying first orgasm.