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And then its locked up

Mistress Keyholder has a strange habit.   Once I’ve been locked in the device and released, she locks both the keys and the device in the key safe.

That means the device is either locked onto my body, or locked away in the keysafe.  It also means that I can’t accidently put it on if it was lying around and that’s its safe from prying eyes.



You may have seen on my other blog, DisciplinedBoyfriend, that we’ve changed things around a bit and embarked on a full Female Led Relationship.   The coincided with the arrival of the new chastity device, The Watchful Mistress.

So today we’re going to celebrate our new FLR lifestyle, champagne, beer, wine, thigh length boots, basques, riding crops, paddles, canes.   I am locked very securely in the Watchful Mistress and the Key Mistress will be getting lots of attention from my mouth and tongue.

Being locked in chastity is probably the biggest statement we can make about FLR, this states that I’m committed and accept that My Mistress is the head of the household and there’s not a lot I could do about it.  The Watchful Mistress is not a cheap sex toy (not that the CB6000 or Birdlocked Neo were cheap), but it’s stainless steel so no chance of it breaking or splitting.  There’s no plastic pin that can be snipped off or padlock that could be easily cut allowing me to escape – this one has a high security screw and getting it off would almost be impossible and I certainly don’t want power tools or burning torches down there.   In short, I have a very locked cock.

Whatever happens, Lady Key Mistress will have a smile on her face most of the day and depending on how many times and how good I am will decide on my fate.


Watchful Mistress

I’m saving up money to get the Watchful Mistress from Mature Metal. Times are hard (and so am I right now ;-)) and its taking a while to get the cash together.

I reckon I should have enough by the end of September and then get it ordered. Just wondering what options to get. Should I get the punishment pins, anti-pullout pins or leave that for the Key Mistress to decide? One thing that I do want is the integrated security lock so that there’s no nasty padlock banging about down there.

The photo shows exactly how its meant to operate. Pop yourself in, tighten up the lock and look – no erection. I don’t have the source for this photo. If you know where its from I’ll be happy to provide credit for it.

Since Tuesday

Tuesday has been and gone and I’m still locked.  My CB6000 small with the custom ring is comfortable and is not giving me any pain or sleepless nights.   Key Mistress is performing well at denying any requests for releases as well as teasing me about the size of my caged penis.

This is now the third longest I’ve ever been Dicktated for at 6.4 days.  The next longest was 8.9 days during July last year with the longest as 9.3 days during December 2013.

Thinking back to July I was a bit disappointed when I was release because I was so close to breaking the record and had I been released in the evening after work and not in the morning would have managed to break the record.

I’m kind of feeling the same way just now and Saturday at 1800 would be the time when I achieve 9.4 days.

One of the things about having a Dicktator on is that it takes a few days for things to happen.  For example on the first day after an orgasm things are almost OK, on day 2, there’s frustration, day 3 desparation etc.   So experience what its like to have a spoiled orgasm after a week of locking and then be relocked to await the next all takes a more than 9.3 or even 9.4 days.   In fact, a lot more.

I’m in a strange mood in that I don’t want released yet and even feeling like I want to give Key Mistress complete control and make this a lifestyle thing.   Ok, maybe that’s a bit rash, maybe just until the end of the month.

But what’s best? Knowing that there’s an end date albeit a long time away and pacing yourself towards it or just not knowing if tomorrow is the day when you are going to freed?

Time for a consult with Key Mistress.