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A Safe Word

We very rarely use a safe word in our female led relationship, however we used one recently during an edging session.

“A safe word”,  I hear you ask, “for edging?”

The safe word was to be used if I was going to orgasm.  Therefore means that the spunk would remain safely inside of my body.   We’ve used many different words or phrases for this, including “Your My Goddess”, “Stop”, “Smack my balls”, “Hobbit”, “Deny me” and “Banana”.

Perhaps, next time she takes me to the edge and I use the safe word she’ll go all the way.  I can dream 😉

Numbing Cream

We have a desensitizing spray called Stud 100.  It primary purpose is for premature ejaculation and does so by numbing the penis. It also does it rather effectively and it’s a really strange sensation having little or no feeling down there. The best I can describe it as is how your mouth feels when the dentist gives you an injection.

For its intended use a small amount is sprayed, just enough to prolong sex and keep you partner happy for longer. Too much and you lose all feeling and can even , according to the product literature, cause your erection to subside and make you lose the urge.

So what could a devious Key Mistress do with a good dosage that’s guaranteed to numb? Control your erections, allow masturbation even intercourse happy in the knowledge that there will be no orgasm.  And that is definitely orgasm control and denial.

Dicktator Of The Day

As the holidays continue.   Today’s Daily Dicktator is Birdlocked Neo.

Being locked on a daily basis is interesting.   All through the day I’m locked.   The Dicktator prevents any play or erections.  I’m released in the evening after the next day’s Dicktator is chosen.   Once released my key holder is around to maintain the control.

Either way it is frustrating and the Masturbatrix is keeping me on edge and horny until the end of the week when we both have a day off together.

Yesterday’s Dicktator was the CB6000S but with a difference.   There was a plug put towards the end making the tube’s overall size smaller.   My CB6000S is just a bit too long, but with the obstruction inside it means that the earliest hint of getting erect is stifled.   Its the equivalent of wanting to stretch your legs or arms but can’t – mmmm, delicous.   That’s the bit I want from chastity devices – that total loss of control.  Somebody has decided you can’t get an erection.

The choice of Dicktator is via a games spinner.  We have a couple of these pinned on white board material making for flexible and random games.    This time the face is split evenly into four: Birdlocked Neo; CB6000S; CB6000S + plug; just keep wearing that one.

Wonder what tomorrow will bring?

CB6000 v Birdlocked

Yesterday I discussed the wearing of a chastity device whilst having days off without the keyholder present.

She agreed that being locked was acceptable and her choice was to be the Birdlocked Neo.   Once she got home she wasn’t too keen about unlocking me and teased a bit.    “But my beloved Masturbatrix, you are now around to stop any such behaviour and my balls will remain as full or empty as you want them to be”, or words to that effect.

Eventually she agreed with my point of view, but before getting the key and unlocking she chose (using a random spinner) that todays Dicktator would be the CB6000 with the added torment that there would be an insert at the end effectively making the overall tube length shorter.

So today with the CB6000 secured and the end of my penis pushing unsucessfully against the end I feel I need to share my views on the qualities of each device when they are so fresh in my mind.

First thing noticed with the Birdlocked was the frantic pulling of skin through the hole – a bit of lube here helps but now your hands are all slippy and greasy – yuck.   Once I penis and balls were all through I was aware how it felt again.  Its not that’s its too tight – its stretchy silicone and it does stretch.   The problem is that it does have a tendency to cause the skin to double over and over time that does start to irritate.   The CB6000, by contrast has a hard plexiglass ring.   Choose too small a ring and the same thing will happen.  I’ve now settled on larger ring that wasn’t part of the set.  So on base ring comfort the CB6000 wins.

The CB6000 is rigid and will get in your way, especially with tighter trousers or jeans or when lying on your stomach in bed.   The Birdlocked is very flexible and whilst the strap between your balls tends to make them splay out sideways the overall package finds the best way to nestle.    So for comfort beneath tight clothes, the Birdlocked wins.   With no clothes on then its a draw and with baggy trousers there would not be much in it.

One the things I most want from any chastity device is its ability to suppress an erection.    I don’t quite get the total suppressment that I crave and that’s probably a problem with the male anatomy and not the device.   Each of these devices goes about this in a subtely different way, the CB6000 uses the rigid tube to push down on the penis shaft whilst the Birdlocked pulls the tube down.   If there was an option on the Birdlocked to tighten the pull then it might win.  The CB6000 has a number of different tubes available for it and the standard tube at 3 1/4″ I found that it allowed my erection to develop too much and it got really painful, whereas the small tube at 2 1/2″ stops it all happening a bit sooner.   It took me a long time to find this out and had to swallow a lot of pride in selecting a smaller tube.

My customised CB6000 with a larger 2 1/8″ ring and the small tube definately is more effective at stopping an erection than the Birdlocked.    Both can allow a bit of any erection where most of it is contained outside of the device and/or internal to the body but that’s the extreme cases where someone is definately trying to excite and tease.  Its also easier to happen when lying down as the whole package does not have the effect of gravity pulling the erection down but can now assist.     In most cases however, both to a certain extent will cause any stirring in the trouser department to quickly give up on the effect and subside.   The CB6000 definately wins this category.

Not so important for me is orgasm prevention.   The keyholder has sucessfully managed to stimulate me in both of devices with a vibrator so that I ejaculated.   It wasn’t very satisfying and its not the kind of thing that I would consider doing to myself, both will however prevent intercourse or stroking.

Overall winner for me is the CB6000.   For longer term wear once a proper fit has been found it is by far more comfortable.   The important part here is finding the proper fit – down sizing for me worked.

So why do we keep the Birdlocked?    Guess its like everything else, we have favourite clothes but we still have and wear occasionally the ones thats not.  Variety is the spice of life.    And in my case the submissive in me wants to be controlled and if my Masturbatrix wants to control my cock in something that’s not my favourite then that does a lot inside my head.

Birdlocked Neo


I’m on holiday this week whilst the Key Mistress will be working.   I always wake and have the urge to play with myself.   I know there is a device close by that will prevent that from happening.

I think I need to be locked on a daily basis to keep my Key Mistress’s goods preserved for her culminating with some fun on her day off.   This morning I have locked myself in the Birdlocked Neo and await to see her reaction when she gets home.

Four And A Half Days

By my reckoning (and its acurate) its been four and a half days since the Keyholder locked me in the CB600s.     Up to last night, there’s not been much in the way of teasing and absolutely no releases.

In general, I would prefer the Maturbatrix teases a bit more, excercises her control a bit more, and has more demands on me.    Am I making her something that she isn’t?   Have she just been tired?

As I mentioned above, last night we spoke a little whilst the Keyholder had her foot firmly on the top of my Dicktator.    “Errrr, I’m locked here darling”.   “Yes I know and you’ll remain locked until its the correct time”.    “You also appear to have your foot on my device”.  “Yes, what does that say to you”.   “It means your stamping your authority over my cock”.   “It does”.

So, I’m to be locked until its the correct time, or did she say the proper time?   Either way, its until some time that she has chosen or waiting for some event.    I don’t know what or when that would be, or even if she means a temporary or final release.    That was all she would reveal about it and as the television was on conversation between us was more or less stopped.    I hate televisions.   They are so obtrusive in you life once they’re switched on, life almost freezes until the next set of adverts.    Nothing else happens and the house and chores get neglected and they kill conversation dead, especially the intimate conversations I like to have with my Masturbatrix.

With her foot planted firmly against my locked up cock I always feel like thrusting.  She can feel it too and asks what do you get out of that?   Your not going to get hard or cum are you?   But for me its a natural reaction to try and make my cock erect and trusting feels like it might work.   She knows this.   “Is it really frustrating for you?”.     A couple of months ago before our affirmation of our rules she probably would have relented and after a few hours or at bed or the following morning would have released me and very likely I would have a satisfying orgasm.   But not now, she it taking the role of Masturbatrix very seriously and denying me.