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A Safe Word

We very rarely use a safe word in our female led relationship, however we used one recently during an edging session.

“A safe word”,  I hear you ask, “for edging?”

The safe word was to be used if I was going to orgasm.  Therefore means that the spunk would remain safely inside of my body.   We’ve used many different words or phrases for this, including “Your My Goddess”, “Stop”, “Smack my balls”, “Hobbit”, “Deny me” and “Banana”.

Perhaps, next time she takes me to the edge and I use the safe word she’ll go all the way.  I can dream 😉

Locked Again

The Key Mistress has had me locked for just over a week now. However things are a bit different this time. It’s the first locking since we started our Female Led Relationship.

The rules are quite easy to remember and are well documented. Basically She makes the rules and I obey or else.

Do I get to orgasm?  Yes, but it’s completely Her decision as to if and when. Sometimes I can annoy and that’ll mean no. Sometimes She will have already decided that it’s going to happen before I get home. But there’s always a price to pay, sometimes it’s a spanking, sometimes some CBT. Either way I orgasm in the way that She wants.

I’m trying very hard not to “top from the bottom” and not make things happen the way I want. Part of the fun is that I can expect the unexpected.

It would be good to provide her with feedback about her performance but I am resisting the temptation to do that unless She specifically asks me.